HepaHope Company Overview

HEPAHOPE, INC. is a medical technology company engaged in researching, designing, patenting, manufacturing, and marketing life-saving medical technologies and focused toward three primary markets:

  • The Artificial Liver Replacement Market
  • The Oncology Testing Market
  • The Drug Development Market

The company was founded in February 1999 in Silicon Valley, CA by Dr. Sung-Soo Park, with the goal of developing and, after obtaining required regulatory permission, commercializing his Bio-Artificial Liver (BAL) technology—technology created to meet the urgent and growing need for more effective therapies to treat liver failure and chronic liver disease.

HepaHope holds American and international patent rights for the HepaPheresis™System, an extracorporeal toxin management system that assists a patient’s liver by selectively removing toxins from the bloodstream utilizing a metabolic process closely resembling that of a healthy liver. A first generation system has already been developed, and an Investigational New Drug application (IND) has been submitted to the U.S. FDA as a prerequisite to beginning human clinical trials.

HepaHope has also developed two other commercial systems based on their core technology. The first, the Chemosensitivity Testing System, has been developed to enable oncologists to apply different anti-cancer drugs and drug combinations to multiple tissue samples and thereby to determine the most effective drug or drug combination to destroy a cancer tumor. The second, the BioTester™, is a drug screening testing system developed for the pharmaceutical industry to provide a better alternative to in vivo or in vitro studies.